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Types of Counseling

Individual Therapy

Each person needs to have his or her own time to process difficult situations.  Individual Psychotherapy provides an opportunity for you to resolve your own inner conflicts so that you can function at a healthy level.

Family Therapy

Is your family relationship strained? Have you all disconnected over the past few months or years? We are experts in dealing with complicated family issues. Find out how to strengthen communication in your family relationship. Learn how to reconnect and develop the closeness that is needed for your family to thrive!

Families often grapple with unresolved issues that affect the way they interact with each other.  I have a very unique way of dissecting family issues, challenging family members to confront the uncomfortable issues that keep them feeling disheartened, and walking through the pain with her clients.

Group Therapy for Children

Group sessions are designated for children who are grappling with various issues in life. Groups are designed to allow children to learn, model, and display healthy behaviors. Children learn from their peers and when in a healthy environment, children will most often begin to conform to the positive behaviors of those with whom they feel most connected. Children are carefully selected and screened for groups. Group sessions are 6 weeks long and there are various modules through which each child will complete.

Counseling with Adolescents and Teenagers

Have you noticed changes in your child's moods? Is your child sad, withdrawn, emotional, or angry? At Introspection & Reflection, we are skilled in identifying issues in childhood. I have almost two decades of experience with children who have emotional and behavioral problems. I am passionate about my work and dedicated to bringing about healthy changes in each child’s life. Introspection & Reflection is committed to helping children overcome their greatest challenges! Allow us to help you reconnect with your child as he/she begins to overcome emotional and behavioral challenges.

Children often grapple with a myriad of complicated issues that impact their behaviors.  We specialize in working with children who are grappling with the following issues:

• Family issues

• School Behavioral Problems

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Issues in Foster Care/Adoptive homes

 I have had much success connecting with children, adolescents, and teenagers. I develop rapport with each of my clients and use skillful strategies to successfully engage with each person on an individual basis.​

Your child’s sessions will be skillfully guided as we walk with the child through his/her own personal experiences. I work with the child to understand the root of the problem and help the child become fully engaged in the change process. Each issue will be thoroughly addressed and the child makes a commitment to change. Effective therapy produces long-lasting results!

We will teach the following:

Positive Change

Healthy Outlook



Anger Management

Couples Counseling

Do you find that you and your significant other argue frequently? Is it difficult to compromise? Couples counseling could help you to find common ground and resolve the issues that complicate your relationship.


Diagnosing allows therapists to gauge treatment and develop plans to reduce symptoms.

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Letting Go

Let go…How do your fears impact your life? What is it that you are holding onto? How long will you carry these burdens? Is it time for your ultimate release?  How can you overcome your fears? We must acknowledge fear and then identify the grip that it has on our lives before we can tackle it. Overcoming fear involves skillful methods and should be carefully directed by a licensed professional. Learn how to approach your greatest fears and eliminate the very notion of fear from your existence.

~Daysha Phimphone LPC, LPN, CCATP

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